Current Classes

A new series of classes began on Sunday, January 6. We have classes for all ages. Below is a listing of the adult classes...

1, 2, 3 John
Blaine Mellor & Anthony Caudill

Adult Side Study
1 & 2 Kings (PDF)
Danny Campbell & Daniel Grantham

Adult Side Study
Church History in America (Material) (Class 1 Slides) (Class 2 Slides) (Class 3 Slides) (Class 4 Slides) (Class 5 Slides) (Class 6 Slides) (Class 7 Slides) (Class 8 Slides) (Class 9 Slides) (Class 10 Slides) (Class 11 Slides) (Class 12 Slides)
Grant Pickup & Mason Broadwell

Biblical Foundations
Sewell Hall

en Espanol
Philippians and Colossians
Josh Reaves & Bill Sanchez

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