Classes at EH

Classes at EH


God’s Abundant Grace

DescriptionThis class will help students find greater clarity and comfort in God’s grace. We will develop a Biblical and well-rounded concept of God’s grace. We will cover major ideas such as salvation by grace, living under grace, and hoping in grace. And along the way, we’ll highlight ways we can show grace to others when we are hurt or disappointed.
TeachersPhillip Shumake & Steve Cornett
MaterialLessons 1-10

Laments and Lamentations

DescriptionA study of lament in Scripture and its application in the Christian’s daily walk.
TeachersMason Broadwell & Daniel Grantham
LocationRoom 12
MaterialLessons 1-11

Cantares (Song of Solomon) (Bilingual)

DescriptionA bilingual study of the Song of Solomon from Old Testament wisdom literature.
TeachersDave Hamlett
LocationRoom 11

Teacher Training

DescriptionSelected men are being invited to participate in a training course for potential teachers. Each will have the opportunity to develop material and design a lesson plan as they learn techniques for teaching Bible classes. Together these men will teach an adult class on 1 & 2 Timothy in Segment 6.
TeachersMarty Broadwell & Russ LaGrone
LocationRoom 13

Evolution (High School)

DescriptionFollowing their study of Evidences, the High School class will look at Evolution to understand the debate on the origin of life versus the Creation account and theories of Intelligent Design.
TeachersBlaine Mellor, Russ LaGrone, Dustin Merkle, Wayne Gaskin
LocationRoom 7