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COVID-19 Update & New Online Classes

The elders are asking members to remain at home for the next two Sundays. Further instructions are available for members via the email sent on Friday night. Embry Hills members should call an elder with questions.

As part of the efforts to continue creating opportunities for Bible study and connections with one another in the COVID-19 environment, four of our brothers have volunteered to begin teaching weekly live online Bible classes starting next week!  These classes will be conducted via the Zoom video conferencing application, which is free and easy for anyone to download and use.  We don’t know how long the social distancing guidelines will last, so these classes are being planned to last for roughly 6-8 weeks; like everything right now, our plans are subject to change, so we appreciate your flexibility.  These studies are open to anyone in the congregation who would like to join.  If you are interested in signing up for one, please email or text the teacher at the contact information listed below and let them know you would like to join.  Much thanks goes to these men, and to our Lord who leads them, for serving us with opportunities like these. 

Monday nights, 7:30pm, starting March 30
Topic: "Christian Worldview"
Teacher: Marty Broadwell
Description: Christians have a source of knowledge that transcends human experience and theorizing.  With a "world view" rooted in the Bible story, Christians interpret all of human history, cultural values, and even everyday experiences differently.  Explore the fundamental elements of our Christian World View, how strikingly different they are from alternatives, and how they shape a Christian's understanding and reactions to world events.
Registration (use this link to Sign-Up):
Class Materials: World View Lessons 2020 (pdf)   
Discussion Materials: Discussion on an Airplane - 2020 (pdf)
Additional Info: (email), 404-434-0682 (text)
Tuesday nights, 7:30pm, starting March 31
Topic: "Improving Our Prayer Life" (PDF)
Teacher: Phillip Shumake
Description: In this class, we will study the character qualities and attitudes that help us pray fervently.  In each class, we will work through 5 discussion questions on prayer and spend time praying together as a group.
Sign-Up: (email), 859-537-8142 (text)
Thursday nights, 7:30pm, starting April 2
Topic: "Miracles of Jesus"
Teacher: Bill Sanchez
Description: In the gospel of John, there are 7 major signs that show us that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God.  We'll go through each miracle and see what applicable lessons we can learn from these. The classes should serve to be both applicational as well as faith-building in Christ.
Sign-Up: (email), 347-446-9319 (text)
Friday nights, 7:30pm, starting April 3
Topic: "Psalms"
Teacher: Erik Borlaug
Description: Psalms teaches us how to process virtually any circumstance in a godly way. The writers of the Psalms faced loneliness, national threats, interpersonal problems, and many more things. In this class we will select a few of the Psalms and learn how to process some of the difficulties we face in life.
Sign-Up: (email), 651-263-4927 (text)

You may also be interested in checking out some of the live online Bible studies that Ben Hall is hosting on Facebook with Caleb Churchill and Andy Cantrell.  Links are below:

Saturday, Ben & Caleb - "The Way BK" of Facebook - 3 PM EST
Monday / Wednesday / Friday - Ben & Andy - "Bible ABCs" on Facebook - 12:30 PM EST

Upcoming Events

  1. Sunday AM Bible Study
    Sunday, April 5th, 20209:00am
  2. Sunday Worship
    Sunday, April 5th, 202010:00am
  3. Sunday PM Worship
    Sunday, April 5th, 20206:00pm
  4. Wed Bible Study
    Wednesday, April 8th, 20207:30pm