Atlanta Area Bible Studies

Atlanta Area Bible Studies

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Even with COVID-19 and now as the pandemic ebbs, we are passionate about reading and studying God's word together with our neighbors in the Atlanta area. Currently, some of our community studies are still online using Zoom and many are managed via MeetUp.  We would love for you to join us, so please use MeetUp to RSVP to any of the designated Meetup studies; otherwise, call study contact to confirm study will take place.

Studies for Men and Women

Avoiding a Double-Minded Mentality (Book of James) (Meetup)
7:30 PM every Monday Evening - RSVP on Meetup
Duluth - White Windmill Barkery, 2200 Duluth HWY (120) Suite 108, Duluth, GA 30097
Teachers: Bill Sanchez, Dustin Merkle
Contact: Bill (347-446-9319)

Revealing the Person and Work of Jesus Christ - A look at the Gospel of John (Meetup)
7:00 PM every Tuesday Evening - RSVP via Meetup
Norcross - Panera Bread, 3280 Holcomb Bridge RD, Norcross, GA  30092
Teachers: Mike Krek
Contact: Mike (404-580-7675)

Bible Reading
Duluth - Drumm's Home
7:00 PM every Tuesday Evening
Leaders: Adam Drumm, Dustin Merkle
Contact: Please call 470-668-3897 for information

Is there a God? (Meetup)
Embry Hills - Starbucks inside new Kroger - 3541 Chamblee Tucker Rd, Atlanta, GA  30341
7:30 PM every Tuesday RSVP on Meetup
Teachers: Phillip Shumake, Santy Blesson, Austin Rutherford
Contact: Phillip (859-537-8142)

Spiritual and Personal Growth Bible Study and Discussion (Meetup)
Duluth - White Windmill Bakery, 3230 Steve Reynolds Blvd, Duluth, GA  30096
7:00 PM every Thursday RSVP on Meetup  - Currently on hold
Teachers: Jack Johnson
Contact: Jack (678-801-3767)

Gospel of Luke (Bilingual - Spanish and English)
Location - Please Call or Text Bill Sanchez or Brigham Eubanks for location
7:30 PM every other Friday (call to confirm each time/temporary on hold)
Teachers: Sewell Hall, Bill Sanchez. Brigham Eubanks
Contact: Bill (347-446-9319), Brigham (732-801-3767)

A Study of Psalms
Conference Call (605-475-6700 - access code: 429-7059)
9:00 AM every other Saturday Morning - Call contacts for Zoom Information
Teachers: Jason Rich, Dan Blimline
Contact: Dan (678-209-5988), Jason (339-227-0047)

Topical Studies

Roswell - Currently Online - Text Phillip Shumake for Zoom Information at 859-537-8142
7:30 PM 1st Thursday Evening each month
Teacher: Phillip Shumake
Contact: Rod or Paula (770-587-3171), Phillip (859-537-8142)


Studies for Women

Studies in Romans
Roswell - Shannon's Home
10:00 AM Every Thursday Morning - Text Erin Krek for Zoom Information (if needed) or location at 770-595-4758
Contacts: Kelly Gibson (423-306-5212), Tina Kercher (678-491-0471), Janna Shannon (404-735-5018)

Studies in Ecclesiastes
Duluth - Please call to RSVP and to get location (Kid's are welcome)
10:00 AM Every other Tuesday Morning starting August 2022
Contacts: Nicki Poe (601-624-1160) or Page Grantham (931-841-0225)

Harmony of the Gospels - What we can learn from Jesus (Meetup)
Online Study - RSVP via Meetup - Currently on hold
7:00 PM every other Thursday
Teachers: Christy Scally Carter, Casey Mellor
Contact: Christy

Topic TBD - a study for Widows
Stone Mountain - Katie Stevenson's Apartment
1:30 PM every Friday Afternoon - Currently on hold
Teacher: Phillip Shumake
Contact: Katie (404-294-7979)


Studies for Men

Lessons from the NT - Reviewing I Peter (Meetup)
Stone Mountain - Huskers Cafe at 1825 Rockbridge Road SW
7:00 AM every Wednesday Morning - RSVP on Meetup
Teacher: Phillip Shumake
Contact: Phillip (859-537-8142)

Lessons from the NT - Reviewing I Peter
Norcross/Peachtree Corners - B Caudill's Home
7:00 AM every Friday Morning (Call to confirm current location)
Teacher: Phillip Shumake, Grady Walker
Contact: Phillip (859-537-8142)


Work Group for Women

Where - Everyone will be notified
When  - 10:00 AM every other Friday Morning - tentative (call or text for information)
Purpose - Write cards, organize work to help others, and edify one another

Please contact one of the following if you would like to be a part of this work or if you have a special card request:  Erin Krek (770-595-4758)


Neighborhood Bible Studies

Bible Reading
Duluth - Drumm's Home
7:00 PM every Tuesday Evening
Leaders: Adam Drumm, Dustin Merkle
Contact: Please call 470-668-3897 for information

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